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 We broke ground for our game company with Axon Punk: Overdrive, and we have many other ideas and collaborations in the works. Read more about each game on their individual pages, then check out our Shop to download our products. You can also find out about our current events on our Wrong Brothers Gaming News page.

Mission Statement: At Wrong Brothers Gaming, we make Roleplaying Games that are streamline, immersive, accessible, and fun. We are two brothers – one is a professional artist and the other is a scientist with a PhD in quantitative ecology – that grew up playing and designing games together. A huge focus of our work is using exciting, imaginative gameplay to help our players better understand social issues such as mental health, disabilities, racism, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Wrong Brothers Gaming has expanded to work in collaboration with the Sugar Gamers (www.sugargamers.com)


Free Product Downloads!

We have a selection of free games and gaming materials to get you started with our products. Check out our store for Quickstart Packets of our games – these contain everything you need to get a taste of the experience. They include basic rules, premade characters, and a starting mission. If you like the Quickstart, purchase the full game to make your own characters, access more powerful equipment, and create your own missions.

Our store also includes support materials to help you play our games. These materials include blank character sheets, rules cheat sheets, and other things to streamline the gameplay experience.

New Articles and Design Updates

At Wrong Brother’s Gaming, we constantly work on our games. In the current gaming industry, working on games means many different things. Yes, it is writing, creating art, and playtesting but next-level game design also requires networking, collaboration, live event coordination, and cutting-edge marketing. Read more about our activities and multifaceted approach to game design on our updates under the Wrong Brothers Gaming News page.


Sugar Gamers Partnership

A huge part of our work at WBG involves our sister organization and collaborator – Sugar Gamers. Keisha Howard founded Sugar Gamers in 2009 on the Southside of Chicago as a way to help connect nerdy women of color. Sense then, it evolved into a media outlet and advocacy organization to highlight marginalized people in tech and gaming. Now, Sugar Gamers is utilizing their wealth of experience and talent in the game industry to start producing their own game products. WBG worked with Sugar Gamers to playtest, produce, and market Axon Punk: Overdrive. In fact, almost every face in the art of Axon Punk is from a photograph of a Sugar Gamer. The next phase of our partnership is Project Violacea, a game set in a future imagined by the minds of Keisha and the other Sugar Gamers with rules and mechanics designed by WBG. Learn more about Sugar Gamers on their site and Project Violacea on our page here.


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