About Us

Wrong Brothers Gaming is a company initially created by two brothers, Colin and Cameron, who have been making games together since they were very young. Now, Wrong Brothers Gaming has expanded to work in collaboration with the Sugar Gamers (www.sugargamers.com) and others. We produced our first table-top RPG called Axon Punk: Overdrive (Axon Punk on drivethrurpg.com) in 2017 and have been involved with many other publications since then. We have more games and ideas in the works so explore our website and keep an eye on us!

Cameron and Colin at Gen Con’s 50th Anniversary (2017) where they debuted the first physical copies of Axon Punk: Overdrive.

Immersive, multimedia art

We grew up playing and designing our own games for fun and decided to become professional game designers in 2016. Before that, both brothers picked up a wide range of skills that we have been able to apply to our games. For example, Cameron earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in multimedia from the University of Texas at Arlington. Cameron focused on photography and digital media. After graduation Cameron worked as a professional artist and photographer and attended video game design and animation classes at Richland College. Now, Cameron is able to completely combine his artistic skills with his tabletop game knowledge to expand WBG into a multimedia experience with images, videos, and music. In our art, we primarily focus on photographs because of Cameron’s photography experience, but also to ground our games in humanity. Showing photos and videos of real people helps our audience see themselves in the game, which is part of our mission at WBG.

Cameron on his turntables under his alias DJ Antilllez. Cameron is a musician as well as a digital artist and game designer. Cameron also plays the guitar and has been a part of many different bands over the years.
Cameron’s workbench while handmaking Axon Punk prints for sale at the Indie Games Developer’s Network booth at Gen Con 2019. Cameron incorporates photography, painting, airbrush, and many other mediums into the art and vision of Wrong Brothers Gaming.


Scientific Expertise – Ecology, climate change, and disease

Prior to diving into game design, Colin earned his PhD in ecological modeling from the University of Chicago. This degree laid a broad foundation of interesting and weird science to draw from for our games. In his research, Colin modeled the impact of global climate change on the spread of a fungal pathogen (Entomophaga maimaiga). The fungus infects and kills caterpillars in a similar way to the Cordyceps fungus that inspired games such as “The Last of Us” and movies like “The Girl with All the Gifts.” This research is one of the reasons why our games often focus on ecology, climate change, sustainability, and futurism.

Colin’s most recent publication in The American Naturalist.

Colin checking on one of his weather stations while doing field research in graduate school. Having high resolution, local weather data was critical in helping Colin make forecasts about how climate change could impact the pathogen he studied.
A gypsy moth caterpillar that has been infected and killed by the fungal pathogen Colin studied in grad school. After infection, the fungus causes the caterpillar to climb up a tree and die there. As the infected cadaver hangs from the tree, the fungus sprays infectious spores down onto other caterpillars to spread the disease.


Other Collaborations

Community, collaboration, and consistency are core values for Wrong Brothers Gaming. We are always seeking to forge new collaborations with other designers, artists, musicians, scientists, and creatives of all kinds.

  • Keisha Howard – founder and head of Sugar Gamers. We have worked closely with Keisha for years. She is a natural world builder and story teller. She helped us produce Axon Punk and we are working with Sugar Gamers to produce the RPG version of Project Violacea.
  • Nina Henderson – Sugar Gamers community coordinator and our mentee. We are helping her developing her own game called “Knock Knock”, that is about exploring and solving mysteries within an old house.
  • Eric Simon and Four in Hand Games  – game designer and editor. Eric produces wonderfully thought out and historically grounded games. His insight while editing Axon Punk was invaluable and dramatically improved the quality of the game.
  • Audio-X – music producer that made the music for the Axon Punk EP. Originally from Atlanta, GA, and Florida, Audio-X moved to Chicago four years ago. We are incredibly grateful for his contributions to Axon Punk and look forward to making more music/
  • Jon Smejkal – Collaborator and playtester. OG cyberpunk and laser consultant. We did the layout for his Fate game “In Thoth’s Wake.”
  • Kate Bullock – Collaborator and consultant for our game involving mental health, “Breaking Spirals.”
  • Indie Games on Demand – Organization that provides an area at conventions where visitors can play band new indie roleplaying games without registering ahead of time. We have volunteered with GoD at Gen Con for the last four years.
  • Indie Game Design Network – professional game design organization that helps independent game designers through the entire process of designing, producing, marketing, and selling indie tabletop games. We are members and appreciate being part of their community!
  • Indie Press Revolution – Distributer for independent tabletop games. IPR is a wonderful organization that helps designers connect with players and retailers.
  • Bits and Mortar – Distributor that allows you to download pdfs of Axon Punk whenever you buy a physical copy of the book at a brick and mortar game store or vendor.


Breaking Ground with Axon Punk: Overdrive

We started working on Axon Punk as a way to help keep us connected while we lived on opposite sides of the US. We wanted to make a game that was exciting to us, but also something we appealed to our friends that weren’t into D&D and classical fantasy. The project quickly snowballed into a collaboration with over a dozen contributors. After becoming established as a company with the release of Axon Punk, we have continued to add to the world of Axon Punk while working on other games. Check out our Axon Punk page for more details about the game.

Axon Punk KickStarter successfully funded April 18 – May 18, 2017!