About Us

Wrong Brothers Gaming is a company initially created by two brothers, Colin and Cameron, who have been making games together since they were very young. Now, Wrong Brothers Gaming has expanded to work in collaboration with the Sugar Gamers (www.sugargamers.com) and others to produce their first table-top RPG called Axon Punk: Overdrive (Axon Punk on drivethrurpg.com). We have more games and ideas in the works so keep an eye on us!

Axon Punk Overdrive: Made in conjunction with the Sugar Gamers, Axon Punk Overdrive combines hip-hop and classic cyberpunk to synthesize a table-top RPG where players improvise, collaborate, and develop a community together to oppose corporate oppression in the gritty megacities of 2085.

Axon Punk KickStarter successfully funded April 18 – May 18, 2017!