Axon Punk: Overdrive

Axon Punk: Overdrive is an improvisational and collaborative tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) that is heavily inspired by hip hop and classic cyberpunk. In the game, you and your friends play as a team of hackers, engineers, cyborgs, AI, and others who are trying to be forces of change as the great war of global inequality rages on the streets around you. Because the game is set in the hyper-dense megacities of the future, the players together create a Community of locations and fellow city dwellers to interact with during play. Based on the choices the players make, the Community produces missions, gives rewards, and evolves over time – or it could be consumed by the chaos and anarchy caused by futuristic corporate oppression.

The Music of Axon Punk.


Want to see it in action? Check out our Actual Play Recordings!

She’s A Super Geek (game run by Emily Reinhart):  An amazing session of Axon Punk run by friend of the game and contributing author, Emily Reinhart. Emily plays with the hosts of She’s a Super Geek and Rachelle Shelkey. Includes awesome sound effects, cyber kittens, and loads of mischief.

The RPG Academy: Selection of recordings featuring Wrong Brother and lead writer of Axon Punk, Colin Kyle. There is a 2 session live play of the game, as well as an individual interview between Colin and Caleb about Axon Punk, and a post-game breakdown by the faculty of the RPG Academy.

Modifier Podcast: Interview by Meghan Dornbrock with both Wrong Brothers, Cameron and Colin Kyle. Listen to both brothers talk about the creation of Axon Punk and how Wrong Brothers Gaming got started!

Nergasm Niore Network (early Alpha Test video Recording): In the early days of Axon Punk development, Colin took the game to a local Chicago gaming convention (ValorCon) and played a playtest with JP, one of the hosts of the Nergasm Noire Network Podcast. She invited him to come play the game in their show as their first tabletop RPG live play. This was the first Wrong Brothers Gaming appearance on a podcast or any other media, and holds a special place in our hearts. Axon Punk has evolved since those early Alpha tests, and this experience and the feedback we got from the hosts was an incredibly meaningful part of our development that we greatly appreciate.

The World:

In the gritty megacities of 2085, the streets are full of music. You can feel the pulse, the beat, the rhythm of people and buildings pressing in on you under the gray sky. Everything changed when affordable digital-neural interfaces became marketable to the public and humanity expanded into the Net, a globally accessible 3D internet interface. Fueled by unimaginable new power and advertising access on the Net, international megacorporations, known as Zaibatsu, have surpassed the power of national governments in most countries. After two brutal cyberwars ravaged the world, the corporations divided up the planet and built walled-off Corporate Sectors to protect themselves from future uprisings. Everything outside of the Corporate walls is considered a Civilian Zone.


Using a streamlined rules system, Axon Punk brings you lightning-fast and highly lethal gameplay. The rule system focuses heavily on improvisation and collaboration, which allows players to work together and come up with creative, unorthodox solutions to specific problems. By having a central Dice Check system using percentile dice, players can dive into the action whether they are leaping from helicopters, breaking into corporate databanks in the Net, tailing a mark through the crowded, midnight streets, or negotiating a deal to keep the power on in their building. Furthermore, gameplay is grounded in the community in which the player’s characters live. Your group will complete missions based on the needs of your local friends, family, and business connects. By growing your community, you can become major forces of change within the Civilian Zone and make concrete improvements to people’s lives.

Short Story Collection – The Gonzo Documents (Coming Soon!):

The Gonzo Documents are a collection of first-person, mini-stories from people in the world of Axon Punk. We use these stories to directly add different ideas and perspectives to the setting of our game by commissioning many of these stories to be written by authors from marginalized communities, such as women, people of color, differently-abled people, and LGTBQ people. Colin and Cameron wrote and assembled the first collection of The Gonzo Documents for a fund raiser to help support Contessa‘s trip to GenCon in 2016. In our 2017 KickStarter, we commissioned stories for 8 authors in the gaming and geek world. We are assembling the story collection currently and will have the second version of The Gonzo Documents for sale on our site soon.

Hip Hop EP (Coming Soon!): 

To create the totally immersive experience of Axon Punk, we are commissioning hip hop musicians to compose and write an original, five track EP album to go along with the game. Music producer Audio-X and rapper Archie Red ( are currently working on the tracks and we plan to have the music available before long. So far, everything sounds amazing and we can’t wait to share it with you!

And even more coming after that!