Gonzo Docs Author Focus – Elvery Tren Peters

Elvery Tren Peters - contributing author to The Gonzo Documents.

Elvery Tren Peters – Writer, artist, filmmaker, actor, Game Master

As part of our Axon Punk: Expanded Kickstarter, we are working to commission a new set of flash-fiction stories set in the world of Axon Punk. Specifically, we are commission each of these stories from authors in marginalized communities. We call this type of story collection “The Gonzo Documents” and we produced the first volume of it with our previous Kickstarter. We use these collections as a way for the world of Axon Punk to be sculpted explicitly by the minds of marginalized people, which is super important to the project. We let the write whatever they want and add what they think the game needs directly to it. Volume 1 of the Gonzo Docs was a phenomenal success and included incredible authors like Keisha Howard from the Sugar Gamers, Darcy Ross from Monty Cook Games, and Lonald Howard, local Chicago computer scientist, artist, gamer, and real life professional “Virtual Construction Coordinator”.

To prepare for Volume 2 of the collection, we are going to individually highlight the first set of 5 authors we are raising funds for. One of our stretch goals is to add a second set of 5 authors, which we will get more to later. For now, we are beginning we a dear who has know the Wrong Brothers for over 12 years – Elvery Tren Peters.

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Elvery is a multi-talented artist, actor, writer, and art teacher, originally from Louisiana. Cameron met him while both took art at the University of Texas at Arlington after Elvery moved to Texas. We all became super close friends, playing the Star Wars tabletop RPG, marathoning horror movies, listening to records, and having an awesome time. After the initial forging of our friendship we’ve been in touch and Cameron has been a regular in the Star Wars game Elvery runs for over 10 years at this point (Colin pops in when he can). Over those years, in addition to being an incredible game master we’ve learned much from, Elvery has become a renowned artist, inspirational  teacher, and phenomenal actor. Check out the trailer below that just came out for a film he’s acting in:


He also recently broke ground as a filmmaker with his new movie “Janus”, which he wrote and directed. Janus is “a thriller that is an homage to 80’s slasher films while exploring the underlying theme of what abuse can drive a person to do or become”. Elvery worked super hard and ran an Indie GoGo to raise funds for the film. Watch the trailer here:

In addition to is work in film, Elvery is an awesome classic artist. Check out some of his recent work here:


In relation to Axon Punk, Elvery was one of our first playtesters and was a regular part of the long-term playtesting group Cameron ran in Dallas for the first publication of Axon Punk. He also wrote one of the stories for the first volume of The Gonzo Documents. He did such a incredible job on the first one, we want to have him back to write more.

For me (Colin), Elvery is like an older brother who really took time to share and teach things to me. Some of it was light, like making sure I watched ALL the Nightmare on Elm Street movies including the bad ones, but other conversations were more serious. For example, I’ll never forget being at a bar with Elvery for his birthday and buying him and I shots to celebrate. As we toasted, I was cheery but he drank with a gravity I had never seen in him. I asked what’s up and he said it was his 25th birthday, which means a very different thing to a black man in America. Basically (as he explained), if you make it to 25 without being arrested, based on life expectancy and incarceration rates in the US, your probability of living a full life becomes more likely than not. Under 25, the odds are against you and society views the death and incarceration of black men as statistics, not real people. That night, he was celebrating surviving long enough to even have a chance of living to 60. It was a short conversation before we returned to the rest of the group, but it hit me hard and I’ll never forget it. I tell this story not to virtue signal, but to show why it is so important to include people of color behind the scenes in any type of project. Was it his job to educate me – absolutely not. Do I appreciate that he did – with every molecule of my being.

So, support and share our Kickstarter to help us commission another story from Elvery and many other fantastic authors! Thanks so much for reading and more coming soon!

Axon Punk: Expanded Kickstarter page link!

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