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Flying Circus finally Arrives!

I had the privilege of running the beta tests of Flying Circus for Erika Chappell, the creator of Flying Circus and the game company News Stand Press, at Gencon50’s Games on demand last year. We had an amazing time that weekend. Now, it is live on Kickstarter for everyone.

Flying Circus is a roleplaying game about air combat in the early days of flight. The system is designed to capture the thrill and danger of taking an overworked and overloaded aircraft into battle, risking death not just from the enemy but mechanical failure, the elements, or losing control of a rickety and barely understood aircraft.

Gencon50 Flying Circus Flight Report –

The group started in the officer’s bar before a recon mission to find a steel and munitions factory and report back to HQ. The factory was to be destroyed later in a larger attack…

5 players

1 lead 2 duo pilot gunner combos

3 – planes total.

They were ambushed out of the blue by a German ace and 4 other pilots. The group lost 1 plane in a spectacular midair combat crash. With the pilot bailing out and being caught in the air by their wing pilot. A heavy dogfight ensued with 3 german explosive german losses. One being one enemy plane spiraling into another. During all of this, a player devoted their time to recon. Risking fire to hang off the side of their plane with a pair of binoculars! After that, The final 2 player planes made a daring retreat. To make it back with the information in the form of a rough, bloodstained, hand-drawn map.

The Feedback: The Character sheets are well laid out, and ascetically pleasing. (especially the meters for alt, dmg etc.) The flavor was spot on. The land rules really expand the game experience. The plane customization is addictive.

It was an amazing experience. If you get a chance to play Flying Circus, I highly recommend it. And please help support this great game on their Kickstarter Running from March 6, 2018 to May 6, 2018.

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New maps and New runs in the works.

We’re working hard to bring you new expanded maps, locations, and mission runs. No exact release date yet, but we are in heavy beta testing. So if you see us at a convention jump into a session.

What’s coming?

1. New maps for the city of Atlanta 2085

2. New locations, connects, and troubles to explore

3. New villains and antagonists to overcome.

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Complete Quickstart Packet Update

Complete update! Try a taste of Axon Punk: Overdrive with this complete Quickstart Packet! Axon Punk is a tabletop RPG that combines classic cyberpunk and hip hop to create gameplay that feels like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, but if it was set in the megacities of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.


If you like what you see, we have lots more where this came from. Look out for us on Twitter (@AxonPunk), DrivethruRPG and on Indie Press Revolution! This pdf includes: Intro to the world and rules of Axon Punk, a demo Community including 4 Locations, rules cheat sheets, 5 pre-made characters, and a 2hr demo mission for 2-5 players.