Project Violacea

A new tabletop RPG coming soon!

Play chemically enhanced super revolutionaries bringing freedom and knowledge to oppressed people in a genetically based, totalitarian regime. Try this pick-up-and-play, solarpunk RPG by Sugar Gamers and Wrong Brothers Gaming.

Designed by the Sugar Gamers, the Wrong Brothers are helping create the tabletop roleplaying version of Project Violacea. Project Violacea is set in a dystopian, biopunk future controlled by a totalitarian regime, known as the MOX Hierarchy, that has seduced the world into trading their freedom for the illusion of safety. You play members of the rebellion working together to bring liberty, knowledge, and justice to the oppressed populous.

Playtest Packet Coming in 2020!

We are actively playtesting and developing Project Violacea. We premiered the closed Beta version of the game at Double Exposure’s Metatopia in 2017 and got fantastic feedback. The Sugar Gamers have created an incredibly rich world that we are extremely excited to translate into a tabletop RPG. Stay tuned for announcements and materials to conduct your own playtests of this exciting new game!

The Violacea Flower: Since the MOX took control of the Earth, many rebellions have risen only to be crushed by the titanic might of the MOX. This time, things are different. The rebels have discovered a special flower that contains the key to their victory. The underground scientists in the rebellion have found a way to process this plant into a compound that gives a person superhuman powers when consumed. To gain the edge on the MOX, the rebellion has begun implanting devices in their agents that can dispense doses of the Violacea Compound as needed to supercharge themselves during critical situations. Violacea is highly untested and no one knows what will happen as it permeates every cell of those that consume it.