Remastered version of Axon Punk – released for BLM fundraiser

New cover for the Remastered version of Axon Punk: Overdrive.

Hello dear friends,

As we all know, this year has been one disaster after another. In response to this, Cameron and I have been quietly working away and doing what we can to try to help out as best we can. One place we have been putting our effort is updating the layout on Axon Punk. We were close to finishing, then saw last week that DriveThruRPG was accepting donations of products for a bundle to raise charity for Black Lives Matter. So, we put our noses to the grindstone and wrapped up the update. Because the layout rework is so substantial, we decided to dub this the “Remastered” version of Axon Punk – new covers, new background, expanded art, fancier and more readable layout, much more scrollable pdf. See above for the new cover Cameron made us and below for the back cover.

If you backed Axon Punk at a level that received the pdf of the gamebook, we will be resending the link to you so you can download the Remastered version. You might have already received an email from DriveThruRPG about the release of the update, but we will be resending the link to make sure no one misses it.

If you did not back in a way that got a gamebook pdf, please think about supporting the DTRPG BLM bundle when it comes out. We will make a new update when it does come out. The bundle will contain lots of other awesome games at a discount and everything will go to charity.

Link to Remastered version of Axon Punk on DriveThruRPG

Also, this is not a new edition of Axon Punk and does not contain any rules changes or new content (other than the covers and background), so everyone’s previous books are all still relevant. We are working on an all-color, expanded version with new art and expanded text/rules/gear and plan to have that out this year. We will also have the Print-On-Demand option of the Remastered version up on DTRPG in the near future as well. For now, though, focus on the charity bundle and we will keep you updated on the roll out of new releases.

Thank you so much and sending love to everyone,

Colin and Cameron Kyle

Wrong Brothers Gaming


New back cover for the Remaster version of Axon Punk: Overdrive
New back cover for the Remaster version of Axon Punk: Overdrive

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