Souls is a Modern rural fantasy Role Playing game set in Texas and Louisiana during the 1990s. The tales and legends you will create are a combination of southern gothic and western themes.

Described as- King of the Hill meets Call of Cthulhu, or Slacker meets Preacher

You play the tragic role of an Animate. Magickal entities, trying to survive and find balance in their Existence. Ethereals, unending Beings of great influence and power, now wander and effect the magick in the region.  The Vail is a constant pressure to maintain magickal anonymity. Love and Hate mechanics, drive you further into the depths of your narrative. Otherworldly southern food heals your wounds as it does your soul. Elemental power flowing from the gulf are used in a 3-part combination with the casters emotions and intent to create astounding effects. Enchanted gun smoke lingers in the air like sage clearing a room. Crystal radios carry smoky whispers and squeak magickly laced southern Blues, Rock, Jazz, and zydeco[CK1] .

Genre: Modern rural fantasy

Party Size – 3-5 players (3 ideal)

Dice – d10 (Main dice), d6 (casting pool)

Sound- Tom Waits “Gun Street Girl”, Mama Cass, Clutch “Electric Worry”

Inspirations – Harry Dresden, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story: Coven, Preacher, Sandman, Let the Bullets Fly, Supernatural, Marie Laveau, Vampire Hunter D, Hellblazer, Swampthing, The “Black Oil” episodes from the X-files, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dusk ‘til Dawn, The Skeleton Key,

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